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Barclays’ Stance on Investing in Defence Firms Supplying Israel: Commitment to Responsible and Ethical Investing

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Barclays’ Stance on Investing in Defence Firms Supplying Israel

Barclays, one of the largest banks in the world, has recently made a statement regarding its investment policies in relation to defence firms supplying Israel. The bank has clarified that it does not invest in companies involved in the production or supply of arms to Israel or any other country.

Commitment to Ethical Investment

Barclays has a long-standing commitment to ethical investment and responsible business practices. The bank considers various factors when making investment decisions, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. This commitment extends to its approach to the defence industry.

Barclays recognizes the complexity and sensitivity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the impact of the defence industry on regional stability. As a result, the bank has taken a clear stance to avoid investments in companies that directly contribute to the production or supply of arms to Israel.

Transparency and Due Diligence

Barclays ensures transparency and due diligence in its investment processes. The bank conducts thorough research and analysis to understand the activities and practices of potential investee companies. This includes examining their involvement in the defence industry and assessing their adherence to international standards and regulations.

By implementing a rigorous due diligence process, Barclays aims to avoid investments in companies that may be involved in controversial or unethical activities. This approach aligns with the bank’s commitment to responsible investing and mitigating potential risks to its reputation.

Engagement and Dialogue

Barclays believes in the power of engagement and dialogue to drive positive change. The bank actively engages with companies and stakeholders to encourage responsible business practices and promote sustainability. This includes discussions with defence firms to address any concerns related to their involvement in the supply of arms.

By fostering open and constructive dialogue, Barclays aims to encourage companies to adopt more responsible practices and consider the potential social and environmental impacts of their operations. The bank believes that engagement can be a powerful tool for influencing positive change within the defence industry.

Supporting Peace and Stability

Barclays recognizes the importance of supporting peace and stability in conflict-affected regions. The bank acknowledges that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complex issue with deep-rooted historical and political dimensions. It understands the need for a peaceful resolution and supports initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue and reconciliation.

Through its investment policies, Barclays seeks to contribute to the overall stability of the region. By avoiding investments in defence firms supplying Israel, the bank aims to prevent any direct or indirect support for activities that could potentially escalate tensions or hinder peace efforts.


Barclays’ statement regarding its investment policies in relation to defence firms supplying Israel reflects its commitment to responsible and ethical investing. The bank’s decision to avoid investments in companies involved in the production or supply of arms to Israel demonstrates its dedication to promoting peace, stability, and responsible business practices.

By conducting thorough due diligence, engaging with companies, and supporting initiatives for peace and dialogue, Barclays aims to make a positive impact in conflict-affected regions. The bank’s stance on investing in defence firms supplying Israel is in line with its broader commitment to sustainable and socially responsible investment practices.

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