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US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Companies for Support of Russia’s War in Ukraine

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US Imposes Sanctions on Companies in China for Support of Russia’s War in Ukraine

The United States has recently imposed sanctions on more than a dozen companies in China and Hong Kong for their support of Russia’s war in Ukraine. These sanctions were part of a larger set of nearly 300 new sanctions unveiled on Wednesday. The move comes after repeated warnings from top US officials, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to their Chinese counterparts, urging them to crack down on China’s provision of dual-use items to Russia.

Cracking Down on Sanctions Evasion and Support for Russia’s Military

The sanctions imposed by the United States are aimed at cracking down on sanctions evasion and support for Russia’s military-industrial base, as well as its biological and chemical weapons programs. The Treasury Department’s news release stated that the targets of these sanctions include actors that have enabled Russia to acquire technology and equipment from abroad. The sanctions also extend to targets within Russia itself, as well as Azerbaijan, Belgium, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Targeting Chinese Entities Responsible for Dual-Use Equipment

The State Department’s fact sheet on the sanctions highlights that Chinese entities responsible for developing and supplying dual-use aerospace, manufacturing, and technology equipment to Russian entities have been specifically targeted. These designations aim to disrupt the producers and exporters of items critical to Russia’s defense-industrial base, some of whom have also shipped goods to US-designated entities in Russia.

The Biden administration has been increasingly concerned about China’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base, which has allowed Moscow to continue its war against Ukraine. As Russia strengthens its defense capabilities, the US has sought to rally allies in pressuring Beijing to stop providing this support. The effectiveness of this pressure is yet to be seen.

“Russia is no longer on its back foot,” stated a senior State Department official before Blinken’s trip to China. “They are surging. They have substantial assets, they have reconstituted. They pose a threat not just to Ukraine but to the wider region.”

It remains to be seen how these sanctions will impact the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and whether they will deter China from further supporting Russia’s military efforts.

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