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Trump reject all! Cohen declines to bite at combative questions from Trump’s man Todd


Cohen’s Composed Demeanor Amidst Combative Questions

Cohen’s composed demeanor amidst combative questions from Trump’s lead attorney, Todd Blanche, during the criminal hush-money trial was evident as he declined to engage in a war of words. The scene outside a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday afternoon saw a pool reporter shouting a provocative question at Mr. Trump, to which there was no response. The focus of the cross-examination seemed to revolve around the effectiveness of Todd Blanche in his role, a question left unanswered by Trump.

Blanche’s Attempt at Gotcha Questions

Todd Blanche, in his role as Trump’s lead attorney, attempted to employ gotcha tactics during the cross-examination of Michael Cohen. The atmosphere in the courtroom was charged as Blanche tried to provoke Cohen with questions designed to catch him off guard. However, Cohen’s responses, though brief, seemed to disarm Blanche’s attempts, leading to audible laughter in the overflow viewing room.

One such question from Blanche was, “On April 23, you went on TikTok and called me a ‘crying little shit’?” This marked the beginning of a series of awkward salvos from Blanche, met with composed and succinct responses from Cohen.

Cohen’s Steadfast Responses

Throughout the cross-examination, Cohen’s steadfast responses to Blanche’s combative questions reflected a composed and unyielding demeanor. His ability to deflect Blanche’s attempts at provocation with brief yet effective responses garnered attention and sparked reactions in the courtroom. Cohen’s refusal to be drawn into a verbal sparring match with Blanche showcased his poise and composure in the face of intense scrutiny.

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