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“PM Modi’s Letter to BJP and NDA Candidates: The Significance of the Ongoing Elections”

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PM Modi’s Letter to BJP and NDA Candidates of Phase 1: ‘Not an Ordinary Election’

In a letter addressed to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidates of Phase 1 of the upcoming elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the significance of the electoral process and urged them to understand that this is not an ordinary election.

With the first phase of the elections just around the corner, PM Modi’s letter serves as a reminder of the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the candidates and the importance of their role in shaping the future of the nation.

Understanding the Significance

PM Modi begins his letter by highlighting the significance of the ongoing elections. He emphasizes that these elections are not just about the victory of a political party but about the victory of the aspirations of the people. The Prime Minister urges the candidates to recognize the weight of their actions and the impact they can have on the lives of millions.

He further states that the elections are not merely a competition between political parties, but a battle between the vision of a strong, prosperous, and inclusive India and the forces that seek to divide and disrupt the progress of the nation.

Unity and Progress

PM Modi emphasizes the need for unity among the candidates, reminding them that they are part of the larger NDA family. He urges them to work together, putting aside any differences, and focus on the common goal of serving the people and building a stronger India.

The Prime Minister also highlights the importance of progress and development. He encourages the candidates to present a vision for the future that is centered around the welfare of the people and the growth of the nation. PM Modi emphasizes the need to bring about positive change and transform the lives of the citizens.

People-Centric Approach

PM Modi emphasizes the need for a people-centric approach in governance. He urges the candidates to connect with the people at the grassroots level, understand their issues, and work towards finding solutions. The Prime Minister emphasizes the importance of listening to the voices of the people and addressing their concerns.

He also emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability in governance. PM Modi urges the candidates to be accessible to the people and to ensure that their work is guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.


As the first phase of the elections approaches, PM Modi’s letter serves as a reminder of the significance of the electoral process and the responsibility that lies on the candidates. The Prime Minister’s message focuses on unity, progress, and a people-centric approach, urging the candidates to work towards building a stronger and more prosperous India.

With his letter, PM Modi sets the tone for the upcoming elections and reminds the candidates of the immense trust that the people have placed in them. He concludes by expressing his confidence in their abilities and urging them to work tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations of the people and contribute to the progress of the nation.

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