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NVIDIA RTX 5090 Leak: Smaller, More Powerful, and 32GB of Memory

RTX 3060

NVIDIA is pushing the boundaries with its upcoming RTX 50 series graphics cards, particularly the RTX 5090. According to recent leaks, this new model will feature a significantly different design from its predecessors, including a memory capacity of up to 32GB.

Innovative Multi-Card Design
Reliable sources suggest that the RTX 5090 will adopt a multi-card architecture. This new design will split the GPU and memory across three separate circuit boards. The primary board will house the GPU chip and memory modules, a second board will manage inputs and outputs, and a smaller third board will contain the PCIe slot. This configuration aims to make the RTX 5090 smaller and thinner, fitting more easily into compact PC cases.

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Advanced Features and Technology
The RTX 5090 is expected to introduce DLSS 50 technology, enhancing AI-driven upscaling and performance. Additionally, it will utilize the new generation GDDR7 memory, promising extremely high bandwidth and improved overall performance.

Pricing and Market Position
Alongside these technological advancements, NVIDIA is rumored to be increasing the prices of its high-end graphics cards. The new models, including the RTX 5090, might be about 10 percent more expensive than the previous generation. As a point of reference, the RTX 4090 is currently priced at $1600.

This information indicates that NVIDIA is not only focused on enhancing the performance and capabilities of its GPUs but also on maintaining a premium market position with its latest offerings.

For more detailed updates and information, keep an eye on official announcements and further leaks from trusted sources.

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