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MSI Claw: A Disappointing Handheld Gaming Console with Design Flaws

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Unclickable Bumpers: One of Many Problems with MSI Claw

MSI Claw, the much-talked-about handheld gaming console released recently, is getting negative reviews from all quarters. Be it due to poor performance, not-so-perfect display, or heating issues, most buyers don’t find MSI Claw to be a value-for-money purchase!

However, one of the design flaws highlighted by Momo Tabari from Laptop Mag pertaining to the device’s bumpers is a perfectly valid criticism. Even though it isn’t mentioned much in online reviews, it’s a problem many of us are facing. You, too, will realize it within a minute!

The bumpers on MSI Claw are not clickable, not the entire surface but parts of it, when you naturally hold the device. I mean, you have to apply more pressure than usual on some parts to press the bumpers, which ruins the entire gaming experience. At times, you may have to re-adjust the finger during gameplay. The problem was present in some of the early Xbox controllers but was soon rectified after users highlighted it to Xbox.

For someone used to handheld gaming consoles and controllers, this design flaw makes MSI Claw less appealing. As for others getting a device for the first time, they can always find the optimal grip such that the fingers are positioned on the clickable part of the bumper. For seasoned gamers, it’s too much of a change. And that, too, for a device that proved to be a disappointment when it comes to performance.

Gamers Favor ROG Ally and Steam Deck Over MSI Claw

When we went through user reviews on dedicated and social forums, MSI Claw wasn’t particularly popular. Many questioned the company’s choice of Intel over AMD when the latter has clearly proven its mettle in the handheld gaming console market with the power-packed Lenovo Legion Go. A few believe that MSI Claw is overpriced and would have been better suited for the $400-$550 range. The $700 pricing isn’t justifiable, given the performance of the handheld console!

Gamers are favoring alternatives like ROG Ally and Steam Deck over MSI Claw. These devices have received positive reviews for their performance, display quality, and overall gaming experience. They offer better value for money and have gained a loyal following in the gaming community.


MSI Claw’s unclickable bumpers are just one of the many problems plaguing the handheld gaming console. While some users may be able to adjust their grip to overcome this issue, seasoned gamers find it to be a major drawback. Coupled with the disappointing performance and high price tag, it’s no wonder that gamers are opting for alternatives like ROG Ally and Steam Deck.

Ultimately, when purchasing a gaming console, it’s important to consider all aspects, including design flaws and user feedback, to make an informed decision. MSI Claw may have missed the mark this time, but with continuous improvements and addressing customer concerns, they have the potential to regain the trust of the gaming community.

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