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Mozambique’s Presidency of the United Nations: Prioritizing Peace, Protection, and Conflict Resolution

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Mozambique’s Presidency of the United Nations: Focus on Peace and Protection

The Permanent Representative of Mozambique to the United Nations, Pedro Comissario Afonso, recently held a press conference to discuss the country’s presidency and the key issues that will be addressed during this period. As the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Mozambique aims to prioritize the protection of civilians, address the impact of conflict on women and children, and work towards resolving conflicts around the world.

Protecting Civilians in Conflict Zones

One of the major concerns highlighted by Afonso is the protection of civilians in conflict zones. Mozambique recognizes the importance of safeguarding the lives and well-being of innocent people caught in the crossfire of armed conflicts. The country is committed to promoting dialogue, peace negotiations, and humanitarian assistance in order to mitigate the suffering of civilians.

Afonso emphasized the need for immediate action in conflict-ridden areas, particularly in relation to the situation in Gaza. Mozambique fully supports an immediate ceasefire and will actively work towards achieving this goal during its presidency. If a ceasefire is not reached, Mozambique will explore the possibility of drafting a new resolution to address the ongoing conflict and protect the lives of civilians.

Addressing the Impact of Conflict on Women and Children

Another important aspect of Mozambique’s presidency is addressing the impact of conflict on women and children. Afonso acknowledged the disproportionate effect that armed conflicts have on vulnerable groups, particularly women and children who often bear the brunt of violence and displacement.

Mozambique aims to advocate for the rights and protection of women and children in conflict zones. This includes ensuring access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and psychosocial support. By prioritizing the needs of these vulnerable groups, Mozambique seeks to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

Resolving Conflicts Around the World

Mozambique’s presidency of the UNSC also provides an opportunity to address conflicts around the world. Afonso expressed the country’s commitment to promoting dialogue, mediation, and peacebuilding efforts in order to find sustainable solutions to ongoing conflicts.

Through its presidency, Mozambique aims to facilitate diplomatic negotiations and encourage all parties involved to engage in peaceful dialogue. By fostering a spirit of cooperation and understanding, Mozambique hopes to contribute to the resolution of conflicts and promote global peace and security.


Mozambique’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council represents a crucial period for addressing pressing global issues. Under the leadership of Pedro Comissario Afonso, Mozambique is committed to prioritizing the protection of civilians, addressing the impact of conflict on women and children, and working towards resolving conflicts around the world.

By advocating for immediate ceasefires, protecting vulnerable groups, and promoting peaceful dialogue, Mozambique aims to contribute to a more peaceful and secure world. As the rotating presidency transitions to South Korea after Mozambique, the international community will continue to look to the United Nations Security Council for leadership and guidance in promoting peace and stability worldwide.

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