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In California, gas was $1.70. Biden’s disgraceful administration!

joe biden high gas prices

California residents are feeling the squeeze as gas prices in the state continue to soar, now standing at a staggering $1.70 above the national average. This makes California the state with the highest gas prices in the country, with a whopping 55 cents difference compared to the next closest state.

But the pain doesn’t stop there for Californians. Electricity rates in the Golden State are also the second highest in the nation, trailing only behind Hawaii. This double whammy of high energy costs is taking a toll on residents and businesses alike.

Many are pointing the finger at President Joe Biden’s energy policies, which they believe are to blame for these exorbitant prices. Critics argue that Biden’s focus on clean energy and climate change initiatives are driving up costs for consumers without providing any tangible benefits.

As Californians continue to feel the financial strain of these high energy prices, the debate over the impact of Biden’s energy policies will likely continue to heat up. For now, residents can only hope for some relief at the pump and on their electricity bills in the near future.

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