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Hamas Deputy Chairman Jabbarin: No Handover of Israeli Prisoners Without Real Deal


Hamas Deputy Chairman Jabbarin: No Handover of Israeli Prisoners Without Real Deal

In a recent statement, Hamas Deputy Chairman Jabbarin emphasized that the group will not hand over Israeli prisoners without a real deal. This declaration comes amidst ongoing discussions and negotiations between Hamas and Israel regarding the release of prisoners.

Jabbarin’s comments underline the importance of reaching a meaningful agreement that addresses the concerns and demands of both parties. Hamas seeks a fair and comprehensive deal that not only secures the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel but also addresses the broader issues of Palestinian rights and self-determination.

While the specifics of the “real deal” mentioned by Jabbarin were not elaborated upon, it is clear that Hamas is looking for a resolution that goes beyond mere prisoner exchange. The group is focused on achieving a comprehensive agreement that addresses the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and ensures a just and lasting peace.

These remarks highlight the firm stance of Hamas regarding the release of Israeli prisoners. The group is committed to securing the freedom of Palestinian prisoners and will not settle for a superficial or temporary solution.

It is important to note that negotiations between Hamas and Israel are ongoing, and both parties continue to engage in discussions to find a mutually acceptable resolution. The release of prisoners remains a significant point of contention, and it is hoped that through dialogue and negotiation, a resolution can be reached that satisfies the concerns of all involved.

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