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Growing Momentum to Oust Speaker Johnson from House Leadership

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Momentum Grows to Oust Johnson from House Speakership

The push to remove Speaker Johnson from his position is gaining traction as tensions rise within the Republican party. Johnson’s recent proposal to decouple aid for Israel and Ukraine, among other measures, has drawn criticism from the right flank of his party. This faction, which has been threatening to remove Johnson from his role for weeks, has escalated their attacks and is now vowing to sink a key procedural measure needed to consider his plan.

During a Republican meeting, Representative Thomas Massie called on Johnson to resign and announced his support for a motion to vacate, led by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. If Democrats choose not to support Johnson, Republicans would only need a simple majority to oust him, further destabilizing the House during an election year where their majority is at stake.

Not only are Republicans divided on the effort to remove Johnson, but they are also split on the foreign aid bills, particularly the aid for Ukraine. A faction within the party strongly opposes this aid. Massie claims to have warned Johnson weeks ago that if the motion to oust him is called, and Democrats do not intervene, Republicans would be successful in removing him as Speaker.

Despite the mounting pressure, Johnson remains defiant, stating that he will not resign. He believes that Republicans are simply doing their job and that steady leadership is needed during these challenging times. He refers to himself as a “wartime speaker.”

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