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Dell Warns Users About Vulnerabilities in OpenManage Enterprise Software

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Dell Warns Users About Vulnerabilities

Dell has recently issued a warning to its users regarding certain vulnerabilities that have been discovered in their OpenManage Enterprise software. These vulnerabilities have been assigned the code names CVE-2024-28979 and CVE-2024-28978.

Unauthorized Access Vulnerability

The vulnerabilities identified in versions 3.10 and 4.0 of Dell OpenManage Enterprise software can potentially lead to unauthorized access to system resources. This means that attackers may be able to gain access to sensitive information without proper authorization.

CSS Vulnerability

Prior to version 4.1.0, Dell OpenManage Enterprise software also had a CSS vulnerability that allowed attackers to access JavaScript code. This particular vulnerability opens up the possibility of compromising target systems through Dell’s software.

It is crucial for Dell users to take immediate action to address these vulnerabilities. Dell recommends updating to the latest version of OpenManage Enterprise software, which includes fixes for these vulnerabilities. Regularly applying software updates and patches is a vital security measure to protect against potential threats.

By staying vigilant and following Dell’s recommendations, users can help safeguard their systems and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or compromise.

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