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Biden-Harris Administration Allocates $37 Million to Clean Up Legacy Pollution in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri

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The Biden-Harris Administration has made environmental justice a top priority, recognizing the urgent need to address legacy pollution and its impact on communities. As part of this commitment, the Department of the Interior has allocated $36.9 million in the first phase of formula grant funding to Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri.

This funding will be instrumental in tackling the issue of orphaned oil and gas wells, which have been a persistent environmental concern in these states. Orphaned wells refer to abandoned oil and gas wells that are no longer in use and have been left unattended, posing significant risks to the environment and public health.

By targeting these orphaned wells, the Biden-Harris Administration aims to mitigate the environmental damage caused by their leakage and emissions. These wells can release harmful pollutants into the air, contaminate groundwater, and disrupt local ecosystems. The consequences of such pollution are especially severe for nearby communities, which often bear the brunt of the health and environmental impacts.

The $36.9 million funding will support comprehensive efforts to clean up and remediate these legacy pollution sites. This includes activities such as well plugging, site restoration, and the implementation of proper environmental safeguards. By investing in these cleanup efforts, the administration aims to not only protect the environment but also create job opportunities and stimulate local economies.

The selected states of Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri have been chosen based on their specific needs and the severity of the orphaned well problem within their borders. This funding will provide them with the necessary resources to address this environmental challenge head-on and make significant progress in cleaning up legacy pollution.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to environmental justice and the cleanup of legacy pollution is a step towards a more sustainable and equitable future. By investing in the remediation of orphaned oil and gas wells, the administration is taking concrete action to protect communities, safeguard the environment, and promote economic growth.

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